About us

Two Generations of Decorating Excellence

Growing up in a household with her mother, aunt and grandmother always interested in decorating, it was only normal that Sharon Rhodes followed in their paths. The magazine Better Homes and Gardens" was always sitting on the coffee table. She became keenly aware that one's surrounding is a metaphor to identity and possibly one's well-being. After many of the gorgeous paint colors are applied to interiors and exteriors, we find a smile on most everyone's face. Our clients actually feel better about their lives because of their newly beautiful surroundings through color.


From a very young adult Sharon became interested in real estate and started purchasing many old Victorian homes and old property in Milwaukee. Many of the old buildings were in very poor condition and consequently the learning process of preserving them began. A lifelong love of restoration and rehabilitation of properties has never waned.


She became the first female contractor for the City of Milwaukee and had to learn that not only were trade skills necessary to start and finish a project but that communication with clients is key to success.


Rhodes Painting and Decorating has now become two generations of painters and decorators - mother and son. Son Nick was also exposed (somewhat subliminally being a boy) to mom's decorating and career, but he also has developed an "eye" for the industry.


After years in the industry we still find it gratifying to see the smiles and gratitude on people's faces.


Sharon Rhodes and Nick Kallas
Rhodes Painting and Decorating